Chicken Fried Rice Sausage Onigirazu

Chicken Fried Rice Sausage Onigirazu

By Sandy of @sandyeatsblog

"Perfectly portioned Japanese-inspired rice “seaweed sandwiches” with juicy chicken sausage coated with a sweet and sticky soy glaze. Add your favorite seasonal veggies for a year-round staple!"

Chicken Fried Rice Sausage Onigirazu

Servings: 2
What you’ll need:

1 package al fresco Taste Just Like Chicken Fried Rice Sausages, halved lengthwise

1 cup cooked short grain rice

1 tablespoon neutral oil

1/4 cup shoyu (soy sauce)

1/4 cup sugar

3 tablespoons mirin

4 large eggs, beaten

4 sheets nori (seaweed)

Assorted vegetables, like radishes, cucumbers, carrots, and avocado

Kewpie, optional

  • Heat up oil in a pan and fry the sausages on medium heat until golden brown on both sides. Set aside.
  • Add shoyu, sugar, and mirin to the pan. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to low. Cook for about 1-2 minutes until the glaze is thickened and glossy. Remove from heat, add sausages, and let sit until ready to use.
  • In another pan, heat up more oil and cook eggs into an omelet. Fold edges of omelet to create a square.
  • Prepare assorted vegetables.
  • Place nori sheet with shiny side down, layer rice, sausage, eggs, vegetables, and Kewpie (if using). Add another sheet of nori on top with the shiny side up. Fold in all the nori edges to create a cube shape. Wrap onigirazu tightly with cling wrap until seaweed softens.
  • Cut onigirazu in half and enjoy.