We make chicken, only better.

If it's tasty, made from chicken and saves you time, we probably make it.

Tastes Just Like

Inspired by the best chicken dishes you can find, we set out to create sausages that taste just like your chicken favorites – it's a meal in every bite, really.

Dinner Sausage

No matter what flavor is your favorite, all al fresco dinner sausages have one thing in common: the ability to shave precious minutes off dinner prep when it really counts.

Breakfast Sausage

al fresco breakfast sausage and a strong cup of coffee - that's our idea of a faster start to a great day. Available in links or patties for better breakfasts every morning.


Making pasta? Add chicken meatballs. Soup, or maybe a salad? Chicken meatballs. We think any recipe is a quick win with our chicken meatballs.


Don’t knock it ‘til you try it: chicken bacon offers quick crunch for BLTs, cobb salads and breakfast sammies with a fraction of the calories.

Ground Chicken

Made with lean chicken and inspired ingredients, our seasoned ground chicken isn’t just a speedy substitute for beef: it's a permanent replacement.

Future Favorites. Faster.

Just reading this page makes us hungry. Explore our recipes to get inspired for a fast meal to make tonight.

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